Why Choose Abbott For Call Center Recruiting?

Call center recruiting from Abbott Executive SearchSometimes it seems as though something is missing from a significant aspect of your business. As a call center, that could mean an exceptional manager that makes sure that the job gets done well. Whether you are a sales call center, a help center, or strictly customer service center, it seems that when an influential manager leaves, it doesn’t feel like your call center will run the same again.

That is where Abbott Executive Search call center recruiting comes in.


When you consider candidates for a call center, you need to assess the individual’s personality as much as their skills. Are they outgoing, dynamic, or energetic, and do you need that?  Or would someone low-key with a calming influence and a can-do attitude be a better fit?


Added to the character of the individual, Abbott Executive Search looks for the skills the individual has that are pertinent to your call center.  Do you need people who have shopped phone systems, reporting, and workforce management?  Is your environment regimented or do you want someone who is a more creative problem solver? 

Are years experience (having been in sales or customer service for multiple years) enough?  You may ask what their accomplishments were while working elsewhere. Do they have initiative, leadership, and problem-solving skills? Perhaps they can develop staff well? 

Finally, be careful what you deem must-haves. Is a Bachelor’s Degree eactually necessary, or is the type and amount of experience more relevant? Our experience tells us the more open a client is to a potential candidate’s background, the more likely they will be successful in finding the best candidate. 

Abbott Executive Search has the professionals you need to help your call center recruiting. Give us a call at (603)-669 -9909!